June 7, 2008

Methodological Aspects of Epidemiological Studies on the Use of Mobile Phones and their Association with Brain Tumors

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From the abstract: The authors (Lennart Hardell, Michael Carlberg, Kjell Hansson Mild) compare study design and epidemiological methods used in their studies and the Interphone studies. They conclude that while their results appear sound and reliable, several of the Interphone findings display differential misclassification of exposure due to observational and recall bias, for example, following low participation rates in both cases and controls and bed-side computer guided interviews of cases rather than blinded interviews of cases and controls. However, as they have presented elsewhere, there seems to be a consistent pattern of an association between mobile phone use and ipsilateral glioma and acoustic neuroma using ≥ 10 years latency period. Bibliography: Hardell et al., The Open Environmental Journal, 2008, 2, 54-61, open access at:


Preliminary Results of a Tumor Promotion Study with UMTS Exposure

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The preliminary results of a new pilot study, conducted at ITEM, Hannover, and presented at the 17th FGF Workshop in Berlin last week, showed distinct tumor-promoting effects of chronic UMTS exposure (20 hours/day, 7 days/week, 24 months) beginning at the fetal stage in the offspring of ENU-treated mice. According to the authors these results will be difficult to interpret and assess since the majority of previous studies have focused on GSM-like exposures. The specificity of the applied exposure must be carefully analyzed before well targeted investigations are initiated to confirm these findings and to corroborate their relevance to human health.


Chronic UMTS exposure promotes tumours in mice

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