May 1, 2008

Why are Bats Dying?

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First It Was Bees, Now It’s Bats That Are Dying
Though bats are a bit spooky looking, inviting thoughts of Dracula, the real horror story is that bats are becoming sick and perishing. A massive bat die-off is happening. Their extinction in the United… …

Starmail – 13. Apr, 19:36

Why Are Thousands of Bats Dying in New York?
Bat Deaths in NY, Vt. Baffle Experts

——– Will electro magnetic radiation (EMR) kill all the bats and cause… …

Informant: gotemf

Starmail – 16. Feb, 08:47

The Largest Biological Experiment Ever
Electromagnetic Radiation An invisible electrosmog engulfs us, destroying the health of many who do not even know why they have fallen ill. Why is no one listening to the mass of evidence telling us… …

Mysterious disease still killing bats

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